Friday, November 9, 2007

Holliday Hydroelectric Powerhouse and Dam, Noblesville, Indiana, circa 1930s

Revision: I want to thank C. Le Sesne for responding to this article with the correct and detailed identification of my grandfather's photograph. This is one reason I love vintage photos: there's often a story behind them. This is the Holliday Hydroelectric Powerhouse and Dam, Riverwood Avenue and 211th Street, in Noblesville, Indiana. It is on the West Branch of White River and according to this article it was built 1922-1927 and was placed on the National Historic Register in 1995. It was found to be technically innovative and further that its French Chateau style is architecturally significant. This Hamilton County landmark is the only known existing example in central Indiana. This informant also stated that Noblesville businessmen have an interest in restoring the building and that it is in good condition today. Note: I hope to visit this site and photograph it on my next visit to Indiana.

Here is an interesting photograph from the 1930's. It seems like an odd subject to photograph, but there it is: perfectly framed and composed. I colorized it, trying to give it a subtle, tinted look and trying to enhance the photo with the addition of color.
Note the road or pathway running parallel to the river and how perfectly it aligns with the band of light colored bricks around the middle of the building. The photographer MUST have done that intentionally, right? I especially like the way the reflections on the water turned out.


Anonymous said...

Dude! I live right down the road from this place. I noticed it while driving down state road 37 and started googling trying to figure out what it was.

Turns out its a power plant. This pic is OLD. There is a coal fired power facility behind it now - which is being converted to natural gas.

Makes me wonder why I have so many power interruptions when I live so close to the generator.

Here' the google maps sat scans:,-95.712891&sspn=54.886434,79.101563&ie=UTF8&ll=40.09695,-85.969777&spn=0.006106,0.013733&t=h&z=17

You can see the newer power generation back behind the old hydro area. I hear they can put out ~300MWatts with it.

benjamin said...

See my vintage picture blogs:

Cintia Fuentes Sánchez said...

that's my vintage photos

Anonymous said...

Hey I live right beside this that tree is gone
And the new power plant is right behind
It really not a good pic. Honestly don't wast
Your trip the history is interesting

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