Thursday, October 18, 2007

Icy Footbridge over Fall Creek in Pendleton, Indiana, circa 1930's

This vintage photo is of a footbridge over Fall Creek in Falls Park, Pendleton, Indiana. In the early to middle 1930's, Fall Park was a frequent destination for my Grandfather's family outings. Thank you Jack for correcting my identifaction of the location.

I colorized the photo striving for a very subtle color effect like you would expect on a grey winter day.

Bridge in Winter, Near ENtrance to Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana

Revision: According to my mother, this bridge was near the entrance to Falls Park in Pendleton Indiana, Madison County. She says the bridge has been replaced and that the new bridge is at a different angle than shown here.

I colorized the photo striving for a very subtle effect: thinking of a Christmas Card. The lamps are supposed to appear lit and showing a reflection in the ice. Comments?